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What to wear in Florence, Italy, in each season

What to wear in Florence: a complete guide month by month

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Tucked away in the serene landscapes of Tuscany, Florence is a city that has everything from history to art and an amazing food scene! And as you are planning your trip to Florence, one question comes to your mind: what to wear in Florence? The answer to this question ensures you are always in style while without sacrificing comfort when visiting landmarks and hidden gems of Florence.

So, in this blog post, I will guide you through the wardrobe essentials for each month of the year in Florence.

What to wear in Winter in Florence

Florence, like much of Italy, doesn't get very cold in the winter, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be ready for everything!

Daytime temperatures in winter can range from 12°C to 11°C, with nighttime temperatures as low as 2°C. And it will rain around 1-2 days every week while you are in Florence.

December marks the start of the winter season in Florence. So, what to wear in December in Florence? First of all, you should understand that the Italians are quite stylish even when it’s cold!

You can opt for winter coats rather than winter jackets for added warmth and comfort in December. Fleece lined pants or wool jeans will be a great choice for winter in Florence. Don’t forget to take a pair of gloves and a scarf whenever you head out.

For dinner outs, Italians tend to wear smart casual clothes. So, you ladies can pair a cardigan with a dress or with a long-sleeved blouse and a pant. As for the gents, you can layer your clothes with a sweater or a winter coat.

December calls for waterproof shoes too! Sneakers and ankle boots will be a perfect choice. Don’t forget the socks. It is also a good idea to invest in thermal undergarments if you are prone to cold than other people.

January is a bit colder than December in Florence. So, what to wear in January in Florence? It will be the same as December, but I suggest to wear more layers and thicker materials when it comes to winter clothes. Wool pants and merino wool sweaters are a great choice for January in Florence.

February is a bit warmer, but still it will have a chilly atmosphere. So, what to wear in February in Florence? Well, this means that you can ditch the heavy winter coats and go with lightweight winter jackets.

You can also just do some layering with t-shirts and blouses so that you can remove them whenever you feel like it is not cold. Taking a pashmina is also a great choice, especially if you are planning to go out at night in February. It will still rain so make sure to carry an umbrella.

What to wear in Spring in Florence?

Florence tends to warm up during the spring months making it ideal for a lot of sightseeing! The daytime temperatures can range from 15°C to 23°C, whereas the nighttime temperatures get low as 4°C.

March marks the beginning of the spring season in Florence. So, what to wear in March in Florence? What you should remember is the first few weeks of March will always be a little chilly and wet. This means you should be prepared with trench coats and lightweight jackets for a more casual look.

Cotton pants, darker colors jeans will go well with short sleeved blouses and turtlenecks. As for dresses and skirts, I would recommend maxi or midi length ones because you will be visiting a lot of churches in Florence.

It is mostly about layering for both men and women, so you might want to take a cardigan and a scarf with you.

April is when the spring comes in full bloom. So, what to wear in April in Florence? It will be the same as March, but you can go a little lighter without those coats and jackets during the daytime.

May is pre-high season in Florence so you can expect more tourists compared to March and April.

So, what to wear in May in Florence? May calls for all things colorful so you can go with pastel colors as well when deciding what to wear.

Pant skirts and dresses are great for added comfort and versality. Comfortable lightweight jeans and t-shirts are also recommended. Men can go with lightweight jackets for a more stylish look. As for shoes, sneakers and sandals will be a great choice.

What to wear in Summer in Florence?

what to wear in florence in summer

The summer months of June, July, August is the high season in Florence. The daytime temperatures can range from 22°C to 35°C, whereas the nighttime temperatures get low as 17°C.

So, what to wear in June in Florence? You can go with breathable and comfy fabrics like cotton and linen. Not only they allow you to feel good in the hot summer, but also let you keep up with the Italian trends. You can pair loose cotton blouses, or t-shirts with shorts, skirts and jeans in June.

However, when visiting cathedrals and churches, such clothing is a big no. So, what to wear for Duomo cathedral? For both men and women, the knees and shoulders should be covered. That means midi skirts, maxi dresses, t-shirts, jeans will be fine as long as they are not revealing. But if you still have no choice, (and want to wear shorts, tank tops etc.) I suggest taking a scarf with you, to cover yourself up while visiting the church.

July is no less a beauty than June when you are in Florence. So, what to wear in July in Florence? Chino jeans and a t-shirt is also a great option when paired with a lightweight jacket for men. Women can go for cotton jumpsuits and rompers too if it feels like more of your style.

Anyways, you can wear pastel colored pants in Florence. Cotton pants with colors blue, purple, pink, red and green are always on the trend. (Yes, this is for both genders!)

And I am sure that you will go out in the evening with your loved ones for dinner in Florence. After all, Italian dinners are very exquisite!

So, what to wear for dinner in Florence? Women can go with dresses and tights. It is not a must but as long as it is respectable (without anything too short), you will be fine. Men can go with dark blue/neutral colored pants and a white t-shirt (can add a jacket) or a collared shirt to blend in with the locals.

August is very hot compared to the other summer months in Florence. So, what to wear in August in Florence? Well, you will be happy to know that that same summer wardrobe essentials applies here as well!

As for shoes sneakers, sandals, espadrilles and mules will be great shoe choices for the summer months in Florence. High heels for women are not recommended because you will be walking in the stone paved pathways. And don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen!

What to wear in Fall in Florence?

It will get a bit cooler in Florence during the fall months. The daytime temperatures can range from 26°C to 14°C, whereas the nighttime temperatures get low as 7°C.

If you are not a fan of huge crowds, but would still like to enjoy sightseeing in Florence, September is your go-to month.

So, what to wear in September in Florence? You should wear easy-to-dry clothes in September as the weather can be a little unpredictable. Cardigans and scarves will be a life-saver for the chilly evenings. They will go with anything – dresses, skirts, t-shirts, blouses and pants.

October can be even more unpredictable so you need to prepare with some heavy clothes. So, what to wear in October in Florence? Sweaters and lightweight pullovers are a great choice for layering (even for dresses)!

Shorts and miniskirts are not recommended for October. When choosing the t-shirts/tops and pants (for both men and women), go with neutral colors like beige, navy, grey and black to blend in with the locals.

And if you are visiting Florence in the first two weeks of October, a lightweight denim jacket would just be fine. However, you will want to go with a trench coat if you are visiting Florence at the end of October.

As for November, it will both give you a fall and a wintery feel! So, what to wear in November in Florence? The same dressing rules for September and October applies here. But you have to be prepared with waterproof jackets, and beanies, scarves and gloves.

Wool dresses and wool midi-skirts will be a great choice for women. Sneakers, sandals are not recommended for November in Florence. You should always go with winter shoes/boots for added warmth and comfort.

Long-sleeved t-shirts and pants that are fleece lined or made of corduroy/wool will give a stylish look for men (when paired with a heavy jacket).

You should also visit the Florence opera house in the fall months of Florence because there are many events organized. So, if you are visiting Florence opera what to wear? There is no dress code, but I would suggest to go with a smart casual look. For example, women can wear a nice dress with ankle boots or pumps. Men can go with button up shirt and a cotton fleece-lined pants and with loafers.

Concluding thoughts

You now have an idea of what to wear in Florence for each month of the year! Italians are always fashionable, no matter where they go or what season it is: winter, spring, summer or fall. And it is true that you should embrace the grace of Italian fashion and fit in with the natives. But don't forget to consider the weather in Florence and to dress modestly when visiting religious sites such as churches. This allows you to not only fully experience the magic of Florence, but also show your admiration for this Renaissance city.



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